According to the New York Times blog The Cut Men’s Vogue refused to publish the S/S 2007 Marc Jacobs campaign shot by uber photographer Juergen Teller, as it featured a male gay couple kissing in the woods. The photographer states that “….the most complaints were about the series with Dick Page and James Gibbs because they are a gay couple. Men’s Vogue even refused to publish it. Dick is a very close friend of mine and I’ve known him for 20 years — he’s been part of the Marc family for 20 years. And I like the idea of having a gay couple in a men’s ad because it makes sense. And I wanted the ads to be like they are — very romantic, tender and sweet. I certainly didn’t want to have anything provocative, not at all.”

It seems to me that we have a classic case of where the publisher is in complete denial of its readership and maybe also in denial of the sexuality of men’s vogue. I mean high fashion for straight metrosexual men? , at least GQ disguised it through many how-to-pick-on-girl-features.
I remember several Bruce Webber editorials for Mogue that looked as gay as you can get with un-cut zoomed in penises and male embracing.

Now where is men’s vogue now? oh yeah it folded funnily enough.


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